Help Chase’s Dream Become Reality
Dedicated to Reducing and Saving People in Cardiac Arrest

The Chase McEachern Memorial Fund is dedicated to reducing & saving people in cardiac arrest. Our goal is to save lives through high quality cardiac arrest education, training volunteers in the use of AEDs and providing AEDs to non profit organizations.

our mission

To promote health by providing the public with portable AEDs that save lives.


To advance education by providing instructions to the public on the use of AEDs.


To advance education by providing knowledge to the public in the use of AEDs to save lives from cardiac arrest.


To supply not for profit organizations in need of and AED but who cannot afford one.

Chases Story

Chase was a young boy full of a passion for life and sports who collapsed at school from cardiac arrest on February 6th, 2006 and never recovered. Fully aware of his heart condition, Chase had a dream for all children and people alike to be protected wherever they may be – gym, arena, or court – from their illnesses. After Chase’s devastating death, several new Ontario Government Acts were issued.

The Chase McEachern Act

The Chase McEachern Act came to be by the Ontario government in 2006, after the devastating death of Chase McEachern. This Act protects people from liability if they assisted someone, using a defibrillator, at an emergency (under certain conditions) or (again under certain conditions) if they made defibrillators available in good faith. This Act was the first of many incredible differences Chase would make in the lives of those around him.

Rocco Rossi of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario said of this measure, “Today’s action is a fitting tribute to Chase’s vision, which will aid in our campaign with the family to introduce 1,000 defibrillators across the province and serve as a catalyst to make these devices as common as fire extinguishers, giving Ontarians the best possible chance of surviving cardiac arrest.”


Heart conditions impact millions of people everyday including sports icons we look up to as heroes. As much as we would like to think that our favourite athletes are indestructible, a heart condition can have a severe impact on a professional athletes career &  life.

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